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Year: 1933
Director: Harry Beaumont
Starring: Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Sally Eilers, Eugene Pallette, C. Henry Gordon
Plot: Jeff (Montgomery) is a masterful press agent who owns a nightclub for the rich and powerful. He’s divorced from Claire (Evans), but she hangs around a lot and neither seem to be over the other. Jeff sees Mona (Eilers) jump into the river. He saves her life and takes care of her, giving her a makeover and making her popular. He also falls for her, but his affections are not returned. But when she kills a man, she needs his help.

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Year: 1933
Director: Jack Conway
Starring: Robert Montgomery, Robert Young, Madge Evans, Walter Huston, Jimmy Durante, Eugene Pallette, Sterling Holloway
Plot: Seaman Tommy Knowlton (Montgomery) is on leave in Italy. He falls in love with Joan Standish (Evans). Unfortunately, Joan is both married and the daughter of his commander, TJ Toler (Huston). Back on the boat, the tension between Knowlton and Toler grows because of the situation.


Year: 1934
Director: Richard Boleslawski
Cast: Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Nat Pendelton, Ted Healy, C. Henry Gordon
Plot: Showgirl Letty Morris (Evans) hops a bus to Hollywood to get away from Legs Caffy (Pendleton), a gangster with a crush on her. He follows, however, so she cozies up to Paul Porter (Montgomery), without realizing he’s an escaped fugitive being chased by the cops.


Year: 1936
Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Starring: Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Frank Morgan, Eric Blore, Billie Burke, Robert Benchley, Cora Witherspoon, Ralph Forbes
Plot: James Crocker (Robert Montgomery) is a caricature artist. His father, James, Sr. (Frank Morgan) has fallen in love with Eugenia (Billie Burke) and wants to marry her, but her family won’t allow it. At a nightclub, James meets Ann (Madge Evans) and falls for her, not realizing she’s Eugenia’s niece. To revive his career, he starts a newspaper comic series, parodying Ann and Eugenia’s family, which becomes famous world wide.


Lovers Courageous

Year: 1932
Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Starring: Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Roland Young, Frederick Kerr, Reginald Owen, Beryl Mercer, Evelyn Hall, Halliwell Hobbes
Plot: Failed playwright Willie (Robert Montgomery) settles down in South Africa to work for a tobacconist. One day in the store he meets Mary (Madge Evans), the daughter of a wealthy admiral. The two fall in love, but Mary is already engaged to a man that her family finds much more suitable.


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