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Also Known As: Three Broadway Girls
Year: 1932
Director: Lowell Sherman
Cast: Joan Blondell, Madge Evans, Ina Claire, Lowell Sherman, David Manners
Plot: Arrogant and conniving gold digger Jean (Claire) returns to New York to live with her friends Schatzi (Blondell) and Polaire (Evans). The night of Jean’s return, the trio goes out with Polaire’s fiancee, Dey (Manners), and his friend Boris (Sherman). The evening sets up and ongoing story of the three ladies stealing and swapping partners.



Lovers Courageous

Year: 1932
Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Starring: Robert Montgomery, Madge Evans, Roland Young, Frederick Kerr, Reginald Owen, Beryl Mercer, Evelyn Hall, Halliwell Hobbes
Plot: Failed playwright Willie (Robert Montgomery) settles down in South Africa to work for a tobacconist. One day in the store he meets Mary (Madge Evans), the daughter of a wealthy admiral. The two fall in love, but Mary is already engaged to a man that her family finds much more suitable.