I was thinking the other day “It feels like I haven’t updated my Madge Evans blog in forever.” And then I realized, that’s because I haven’t.

School and injury have just been kicking my ass lately, and that combined with some other film projects I’m working on for RT have really cut down on the time I’ve had to update the site. School’s almost over (I hate to think of it, though. I have about two months of work to make up in one class) and then I’ll have all summer to finish up the main content on this site and then work on some personal content like reviews, etc.

And I’m hoping that when I get home from class this afternoon I’ll feel so energized (and have so little work….. a girl can dream, right?) that I’ll do some major updating.

As usual, if anyone has any pictures or reviews or anything you’d like to share for the blog, just send them my way at madgetasticmadge@yahoo.com